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Real Stories, Real Impact: Discover What Our Clients Have to Say

Mrs. Ray is beyond caring and kind. She is non judgmental and always helpful. I am truly thankful for her place of business and the care I receive from her each week. You are in excellent hands if you are doing business of any kind with Mrs. Ray.

Francesca G.

Mail Center Customer

Loretta’s experience in compliance is invaluable for me as a new trucking company. She is professional and is able to tackle any issues in a timely manner.

ATA Freight

Compliance Monitoring

R.I.P to my CDL the Clearinghouse taking me through hell, in a dark place and what do you know, A Ray of Sunshine through an almost closed door. Mrs. Ray said come and follow me, I will lead you to your RTD, 123 now I'm on 4 thanks to A Ray of Sunshine through an almost closed door. C.P.R on my CDL, thanking Loretta for getting me out of hell. So, if you have a Clearinghouse violation it is not the end A Ray of Sunshine Counseling Consultants by Loretta Ray will get you driving again.

M. Lewis

SAP Driver

Mrs. Ray worked out a payment plan and never rushed me. She took the time to work through my schedule for our meetings and I would highly recommend her services. 500 stars!

Jason T.

SAP Driver

I made a mistake, and couldn't afford the SAP process, but Mrs. Ray took me through the process for free. I'm appreciative for the opportunity to get back into truck driving to provide for my family.


CDL SAP Giveaway

Mrs. Ray took the time to understand my situation and guided me through the process with ease. My employer decided to terminate me after telling them the truth, but I found another company sponsor.


SAP Driver

I had the pleasure of doing a professional interview with Loretta as a human service student. The professional made me aware that their position in the social services field is helping the safety of the public by helping the client. The clients choice of treatment benefits themselves but most importantly it creates a safer community for the public. I admired the professionals admiration to help the community and their belief in their clients while demonstrating empathy. They reveled how we have the ability to empower the community we live in. As we gain the correct licensing, certifications and experience we can continue to give back to the community. It’s important to learn from our peers in the social service field and be willing to teach or learn from each other’s involvement. We can be a resource to our clients as well as other professionals. Thank you Loretta for taking the time to not only do the interview, but also for being genuine.

Samantha Outlaw

Human Services Student

My experience was pretty good. I had open communication with Mrs. Ray and was able to reach her when needed. The SAP process was very organized, and I am back to driving!

Anthony M.

SAP Driver


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