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Elevate with Ray

Married power couple Gary and Loretta Ray, have over 15 years of combined expertise in the marriage, mindset and mental wellness coaching space.Their goal is to see people achieve their goals, excel at their dreams, (professionally, relationally, personally, or spiritually) and become their best selves while accomplishing their best work.

A licensed counselor and social worker,  fueled by her own transformative journey and professional experience, Loretta has 15 years working with specialized populations; homelessness, addiction, and mental health; she has a unique understanding of human behavior. Her certification as a transformational life coach solidified her commitment to personal growth for herself and others.

Alongside her husband Gary, they successfully operate a transportation company, where Gary has over 13 years of logistics experience. Throughout Gary’s career he has developed a program called, “ A Different Approach” aimed at helping commercial truck drivers navigate mental health, drug addiction, family estrangement, homelessness and other issues specific to truck drivers.

Their combined personal and professional experience offers invaluable insights for those seeking to transcend their present problems and achieve lasting personal + professional growth.

Together they’re ready to chart a course toward the future you envision, one filled with fulfillment and empowered living.

"We don't hold a monopoly on those we serve, it is important to always pay it forward, be of maximum service and engage individuals where they are in their process & come alongside to help them achieve their goals in life, recovery, or business. But for the grace of God, there go I!"

Personal Philosophy 

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